Get results.

We believe in results. With the use of patented ad technology (that goes way beyond conventional systems) and TrueTarget™, we make that happen.


The winning formula

Less intrusion + welcome content + lower cost = extra reach, higher engagement, more conversions & bigger returns.


Less intrusive

Our ads are auto-play and auto-mute by default, and use an ultra-low 55KB of the user’s data. When unmuted, they still only use less than 1KB.

Why? Research shows that playing ads with no sound increases engagement by 34%*

*2016 A/B test to 35,000 people in the same demographic.


More welcome

With TrueTarget, you can pinpoint your users’ age, gender, location, interests, occupation and buying habits.

That way, you’ll have a truer picture of exactly who your audience is, when they convert and why. So you can advertise at a time that’s more welcome to them, with relevant content that interests them, and products they actually want.



Gain a partner, not just a platform

We understand your business, your customers, your goals and your margins. We offer expert advice and in-depth reporting when you need it. We give you insider access to the world's biggest publishers. And we never stop looking for new ways to make our ad tech more effective.


For powerful mobile video advertising, get started today.