TrueTarget™ your
users like never before


98.9% accurate

Our patented TrueTarget™ technology goes deeper than any of our competitors.

It combines live social media data, GEOIP data and retargeting data to pinpoint your users' age, gender, location, interests, occupation and buying habits with near 99% accuracy.

So you can advertise at a time that’s more welcome to them, with relevant content that interests them, and products they actually want and need.


Track deeper than ever with TrueTracking

Track every view, every click, every order, on every device. View customer journeys at any time, from impression to checkout, to discover exactly when, how and why your users convert.  

TrueTracking follows your users throughout their pre-purchase journey, including when they switch between devices and Wi-Fi networks. All to help you understand why and when viewers of your ad generate into clicks and conversions.


What you can do with Ash.TV


Have your advertising message heard


Set your own budget and choose your own price (CPC or CPM).


Let the A.I. do the hard work: our decision maker can optimise your campaigns to your liking, such as targeting on generating sales and/or traffic or simply educating the viewer.


Keep you in the loop, always. You will have complete visibility on how individuals engage with your business from start to end. 


Show a real-time conversion journey in simple charts of each customer that purchases your product after watching your video.


Reach your ideal audience with that message due to our TrueTarget technology, and across any devices, even mobile devices. 


For more powerful, profitable, respectful mobile video advertising, get started today