Ad tech like never before.

We've created multiple advertising platforms that quickly and easily communicate your video message to the chosen ideal target audience.



Quietly powerful. Like an introverted Muhammad Ali. 
Introducing SmartBar...

The world's first auto-play, auto-mute, 90 pixel mobile video ad platform.


Fact: if you respect your users, they return the favour...


Auto-mute by default

Research proves that playing video ads with no sound can increase engagement by 34%.


Ultra low 55KB

Our ad platform uses 55KB of the user’s data. When the user chooses to unmute the video, it still only takes up 1KB.


90 pixels. No more, no less

Think small, win big. At just 90 pixels, SmartBar is the most powerful yet non-intrusive way to advertise with video.


The numbers don't lie



Designed to blend seamlessly with other videos on publisher websites, SmartAlign is our most organic ad platform yet.


More than meets the eye

SmartAlign automatically plays your video only when a user is focusing on it. And because it's designed specifically to blend in with other videos on publisher websites, it makes for a much less intrusive, far more organic campaign.

SmartAlign is a format that we designed for mobile, tablet and desktop performance display campaigns. When designing SmartAlign we wanted every ad serve to feel like the advertiser had specifically contacted the individual publisher to organise an on-site promoted campaign. 


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