What's the cost?

That’s up to you! You set a budget, you choose your ad pricing, you control your daily spend. And when you need expert advice and in-depth reporting to help you boost your engagement and returns, we'll be here to help.  


What determines the price you pay for ads?


Your target audience

Some target audiences are more expensive to advertise towards than others. It all depends on how competitive your industry is, and how many  of your competitors are using Ash TV.


Your ad relevance score

Our decision making platform uses machine learning to see how relevant your ad is compared to your competitors. This is done by using your key performance metrics. If you have a low relevance score, your ad will be more expensive to show.


Your bid

Every time you create a new video ad on our platform you'll give a maximum and minimum CPC or CPM. This is one of the three factors that decide how much you pay to show ads to your target audience.


Control your spend with one click

You can control your daily spend with a single click in our platform. That way, you can update your spend at any time to correlate with your desired amount of advertising.


Cost-per-click (CPC)

Pay when people click on your ad. Use CPC when your goal is to boost sales or traffic to your website


Cost-per-mille (CPM)

Pay when people watch your ad. Use CPM when your goal is to educate lots of viewers.


Easy setup. Easy going.

Add a credit or debit card, set a daily budget and we'll do the rest. Your card will be charged every week, and we'll send the receipts directly to you or your finance department. That way, you have complete control over the amount you spend.

And when you stop or pause your campaigns, your automated weekly billing will be paused instantly.

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